Vein Doctors in Las Vegas

That’s definitely a topic in Las Vegas. Would you go to a “heart specialist” that wasn’t a cardiologist? Would you go to a “stomach specialist” that wasn’t a gastroenterologist? Then why go to a “vein doctor ” in las vegas that isn’t a Phlebologist? They won’t use the term “phlebologist” because they aren’t one. Vein doctors in Las Vegas, I believe, can confuse patients into thinking they are specialists is the field of phlebology, when they are not.

Vein Clinic Las Vegas. Many of the vein clinics in Las Vegas are not dedicated to your venous disease. Those clinicians are specialized in other areas and their vein clinic las vegas is simply not up to the national standards put forth. Actually, Las Vegas Vein is the only vein clinic las vegas that has a national accreditation. Also, we are 100% veins and vein treatment. Few others can say that.

Vein Treatment Las Vegas. When it comes to your vein treatment in Las Vegas, one should consider many factors. Is my vein treatment in Las Vegas up to the national standard? At Las Vegas Vein, it is as we are nationally accredited. Is my vein treatment in Las Vegas being performed by a Certified Phlebologist? At Las Vegas Vein, it is as Dr. Parisi is one of two Certified Diplomates in the American Board of Vein & Lymphatic Medicine. Therefore, the choice is easy. Las Vegas Vein is above the rest.

Vein Center Las Vegas. As you know, Las Vegas Vein is the only accredited vein center in Las Vegas. Many others claim to be vein centers in Las Vegas, but they are just regular clinics. Come see our vein center, the only one in Las Vegas.

Varicose Vein Information. Below is a link explaining some basic details about vein disease. I’m trying to use sites that are highly respected as anyone can post whatever they want these days. Let me know what you think.