Physical Therapy for Debility


Everyone has someone in their life that their physical health is failing.  It is difficult to watch as your loved one sits in a chair or in bed most days.  Physical therapy hasn't really helped as your loved one has to do the exercises to become stronger.  They won't do it.


But is that really the case?  Maybe, they can't do it.  Las Vegas Vein’s Muscle Stimulation Systems are ideal for those that lost significant muscle loss for any reason.  Using safe, low-amplitude electrical stimulation, the muscle is strengthened in an isometric manner.  With routine use, improvements are observed using surveys that your loved one fills out.


We use basic measuring assessment tools, such as the Get Up and Go Test, so there is no expensive testing nor several facilities to go to see how your loved one is doing.  This is bridge therapy between your loved one sitting and starting to use walkers or canes.  It can help those with walkers or canes to have better balance as well.  It can tone areas difficult to work on an average person as well so it can be involved in body shaping.


Time to Get Your Life Back.  Don't be Vain, Be Las Vegas Vein.

Is This Physical Therapy for Me?

Muscle Stimulation treatments may be for you if:


  • You are unable to exercise due to a medical ailment
  • You are recovering from surgery
  • You cannot get up from a chair
  • You have neuropathy and have difficulty exercising that limb
  • You need "bridge therapy" between not being able to walk and walking


This is coupled with our proven Weight Loss Program will improve your overall health so you can do the things you did before.

Treatment sessions are covered by Insurance if it is a covered benefit. 

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Sonia L.

"His training exercises saved me. My balance is amazing now and I haven't fallen in over 6 months."

Gary G.

"His body sculpting machine helped increase my lower back strength. Now my back pain has reduced a lot."

Sandy C.

"Dr. Parisi is very upbeat and personal. He takes his time and really does the job right. I won't go anywhere else."