Physical Therapy for Deep Vein Thrombosis


Everyone has been touched by COVID-19. Many lives have been lost and we are still experiencing the aftermath.  Many think they have been lucky with few symptoms however there is an issue that is more prevalent then though.  It is Deep Vein Thrombosis (#DVT).

Many healthy individuals have experienced a DVT even when they had no symptoms at all.   Some even had routine testing which still did not prevent them from developing a DVT.  These were patients who had never had any type of vascular procedure yet had DVT's in many parts of their bodies with no unknown reason.  Some were very active (Peleton instructor, MMA fighters) and some were on medication to treat blood clots (Eliquis, Xarelto for atrial fibrillation) thus this population cannot be explained.

Regardless, using the latest guidelines and literature, our treatment plan will eradicate your clot, ensure circulation is corrected in the leg, and monitor you for possible issues in the future.  Thus, we are very knowlegeable and experienced in the treatment of DVT.  We also know that muscle loss is a variable that must be addressed.

Las Vegas Vein’s Muscle Stimulation Systems are ideal for those that lost significant muscle loss during their time in quarantine.  Using safe, low-power electrical stimulation, the muscle is strengthened in an isometric manner.  With routine use, improvements have witnessed routinely.

Is This Physical Therapy for Me?

Muscle Stimulation treatments may be for you if:

  • You are unable to exercise due to a medical ailment
  • You are recovering from surgery
  • You cannot get up from a chair
  • You have neuropathy and have difficulty exercising that limb
  • You need "bridge therapy" between not being able to walk and walking

This is coupled with our proven Weight Loss Program will improve your overall health so you can do the things you did before.

Contact Las Vegas Vein If You Believe This Can Help You.

Treatment sessions are covered by Insurance if it is a covered benefit.  Contact the office today to make an appointment.

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Sonia L.

"His training exercises saved me. My balance is amazing now and I haven't fallen in over 6 months."

Gary G.

"His body sculpting machine helped increase my lower back strength. Now my back pain has reduced a lot."

Sandy C.

"Dr. Parisi is very upbeat and personal. He takes his time and really does the job right. I won't go anywhere else."