Post COVID 19 Exposure ITP with Antibody Deposition

This is the title I’m giving to what I’ve seen over the past two years. I had 12 DVT’s in 14 years before COVID but then have had 367. This is not coincidence. I have seen this entity with both natural exposure as well as vaccination thus it is a “post COVID exposure.” Once exposed, the body produced autoimmune antibodies (ITP) that mimic fibrin blood clots in the limb. These antibodies also deposit under the valves that return flow to the heart thus has the potential of causing flow issues (turbulent flow) or scar tissue (sclerosis of the valve), either of which could lead to “downstream” DVT’s as time goes on. Thus, I am concerned that once (or if) COVID is gone that there will additional issues (sequelae) that we will face. Yet, to put a name to this phenomena I think was warranted.

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